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Lavenderfields Therapy originated by the dream of one person to bring calm, relaxation and serenity into peoples lives through the use of holistic massage and life coaching.  From personal experience I understand how the stress and pace of life can affect your mind and body, and how important it is to look after yourself and find that inner calm.  Some times we all just need someone to help us have that time out, relax and re-balance our tired bodies and re-focus the mind, so we can achieve and live our best life!


The word Holistic derives from the Greek word ‘whole’ and therefore this type of massage and life coaching works with the body as a whole in order to re-balance it, not only does the massage help your skin, muscles and body feel rejuvenated but the mind feels cleansed and calmer and more focused on what you really want and need in life.  The idea is to help the body and mind heal and to encourage health and well being. 


Lavenderfields Therapy can help whether you need to soothe tired muscles, aches and pains, obtain clarity in your thoughts and mind or to simply just allow your body and mind to empty and release the physical or emotional stress of the day. A massage with Lavenderfields Therapy allows you to get back in touch with the inner you whilst relaxing and letting your mind drift away, enabling your body to be rejuvenated back to normal. A life coaching session or set of sessions allows you gain clarity of what you really want from your life and provides the opportunity to create action plans and set goals whilst having a positive companion to help you through your journey.

It is not just the treatments that will relax and calm the body and mind but Lavenderfields Therapy is based in a quaint and inviting log cabin.

Based in a beautiful and tranquil log cabin in Carleton Pontefract, West Yorkshire. It is easily accessible from the A1 and M62 and is within 15 minutes drive from Wakefield, Leeds, Doncaster and other surrounding areas.

Lavenderfields Therapy provides holistic Massages and Life Coaching for ladies only in Pontefract