Pure Relaxation Package

1hr 45mins - £70.00

Welcoming relaxation ritual

A 30 min back massage

A 45 min facial including shoulders, neck, head and facial massage

Choose from a hand or foot massage

A soothing lavender hand wax


Time out and Relax Package

1 hr 15 mins - £50.00

Welcome relaxation ritual

A full 45 minute facial including neck, shoulder, head and facial massage

Choose from either a hand or foot massage

A soothing lavender hand wax


Holistic Facial Massage

45 min - £35.00 or 4 treatments for £100.00

(£120.00 from Jan 2022)

Shoulder, neck, head and face massage

Improves the complexion, reduces wrinkles/expression lines, strengthens and tones muscles, helps prevent skin from sagging and helps sinus problems



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massages

30 mins - £25.00

45 mins - £30.00

Specifically working on tension/stress areas

Helping to ease headaches, tight necks, upper and lower back aches and pains



Hot Stones Massage

Full body 1 hour 15 mins - £50.00

Hot stones placed in key points and massaged around the body

Toxins and waste are more efficiently eliminated and heat can reduce stress, mental and physical fatigue and help reduce pain in joints/muscles



Swedish Massage

Full body 1 hour  - £40.00

An uplifting and invigorating massage creating a feeling of relaxation that is emotionally or physically stress-free, trouble- free, ache and pain free



Pregnancy Massage

Full body - £45.00

Back, neck, shoulder and face - £35.00

Back - £25.00

Legs and feet - £25.00

Increases circulation, alleviates muscular pain, improves the lymphatic system, helps to maintain muscle tone after the birth, increases metabolism and digestion, and aids relaxation


Legs and Feet Rejuvenation

30 mins - £25.00

For tired aching legs and feet that are overworked and in need of a little pampering. It works deep into the muscle tissue of the thigh, calf and shinbone then onto the foot and each toe


Indian Head Massage

35 mins - £25.00

Sat in a chair and concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders. It also promotes hair growth, helps with scalp problems, relieves headaches, migraines, and eye ache, reduces stress, depression, and fatigue


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Full Body 1 Hour - £40.00

This massage boosts the flow of lymph around the body, making the immune system work more efficiently thus improving the resistance to infection


Bespoke Massages

30 mins - £25.00 (£30.00 from Jan 2022)

45 mins - £30.00 (£35.00 from Jan 2022)

1 hour - £40.00 (£45.00 from Jan 2022)

Concentrate on the areas that really bother you rather than just picking a treatment from a list that would be lovely but might not cover all the areas you need. This enables you to walk away feeling like you have been listened to and every ache and pain has been individually worked on.


Please note that all first appointments for massage will contain a short consultation


which is an additional £5.


This will be repeated if the client does not return within 12 months