Life Coaching

£40 - 1 HOUR

Life coaching sessions will provide a holistic approach to supporting you while you re-focus and regain clarity on getting back to the best version of yourself or finding out what you want out of your life and working on a personal action plan to achieve your dreams. It may be relationships in your life that you feel need re-balancing. It could be your work/life balance that needs attention or maybe you want to make big changes but don't know how to start, these are all things that your therapist will support and help you work through. You will talk through strategies with your therapist enabling you to overcome any hurdles or challenges that are in the way of making your life what you want it to be and once these challenges have been identified you will work together to set goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them.

*The first session will start with a consultation and life questionnaire or quiz to gain a base upon which to work with.

* Pay upfront to book a set of 6 or 12 sessions for a discounted rate

Stand Alone Session

£85 - 2 HOURS

If you feel you want to talk through certain areas of your life that you want to address and implement changes but do not feel that you need to sign up for a full program, which will go steadily through each stage at the pace you set for each session, then this double session will condense everything you need to get you on the right path. It will start with a consultation and possible questionnaire to find the base point then set up goals and a detailed action plan for you to take away and work from.

Life Coaching  Session & Holistic Massage

Varied pricing depending on choice

Truly set your mind and body free by combining a life coaching session (either 1 or 2 hour session) with a massage of your choice. Once the brain has calmed and clarity and focus have set in let the fatigue and tension be massaged from your body leaving you feeling like a new woman.

* Prices will depend on massage choice and length of life coaching treatment